Planning before going for shoot

  1. Begin by outlining your project and creating a comprehensive to-do list.
  2. Ensure the removal of unnecessary data from the memory card.
  3. Organize files meticulously for each distinct project.
  4. Verify the equipment needed for the project, including camera gear.
  5. Confirm the shoot location in advance.
  6. Double-check essential gear such as lenses, SD cards, cameras, tripods, gimbals, and extra batteries.
  7. Develop a well-structured script before embarking on any project.
  8. Clearly compile client contact information.
  9. Create short videos from individual clips.
  10. Innovate and craft unique clips from each shot.
  11. Always carry extra batteries for any project.
  12. Charge all batteries before heading out for a project.
  13. Address any damaged equipment before commencing the project.
  14. Thoroughly inspect the camera before initiating the project.
  15. Carry a cotton cloth for lens cleaning.
  16. Use waterproof bags for outdoor shoots, especially during the rainy season.
  17. Develop a storyboard for your film.
  18. Share the finalized brief with your team.
  19. Align the storyboard to plan and organize the project’s final outcome.
  20. Collect inspirational images to enhance your storyboard.
  21. Create a list of planned shoots.
  22. Organize project files systematically.
  23. Incorporate inspiring images for efficient sorting.
  24. Envision angles, positions, and camera placement for each shot.
  25. Include client location and other information for streamlined project management.