New trends in Photography and Videography

Minimalist Photography

In minimalist photography, a lone subject is captured set against a natural backdrop, where nature serves a dual role as both the background and the subject itself. Common elements in this style include the use of grids or repetitive patterns, contrasts in texture and lines, and a deliberate emphasis on depth and distance. When selecting an appealing location, it’s crucial to ensure its universal appeal to effectively convey the essence of minimalist photos. Photographer Aleks Baharlo emphasizes the significance of directing the viewer’s focus onto a singular object or subject while eliminating any distracting elements, describing it as a means to eliminate “white noise.”

Silhouette Photography

Silhouette shots are often created by photographers positioning the object, landscape, or subject against a source of light. This light can be artificially produced in a studio with subtle key lighting, or it can be naturally occurring, such as through fog, mist, an open sunset, sunrise, cloudy sky, or an open doorway. Achieving a lighting ratio of 16:1 or higher is ideal for silhouettes, as this requires adjusting the exposure to eliminate details in the desired silhouette object while intentionally overexposing the background to create brightness. Professional photographers commonly employ the zone system to assist in achieving the necessary exposure ratios.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photos, characterized by posed and formal portraits, capture the ritualistic essence of the occasion. Photographers play a pivotal role in directing and guiding individuals on how to pose, emphasizing ideal lighting, angles, and directions to ensure the creation of beautiful images. These timeless and vintage photographs, with their enduring appeal, have been a popular and trendy choice for weddings, ring ceremonies, and other significant events. The advantage lies in their ability to encapsulate every precious memory authentically, allowing loved ones to revisit and experience the emotions of those moments. This method of photography provides relatives, family members, and friends the privilege of choosing and reliving the captured emotions.